About me

I specialize in designing and production of small portable stages, stage props, and puppets.
My portable and affordable stages are lightweight and easy to set up and dismantling. It
takes just few minutes.
Which small stage or prop do you need or dream about? I believe can make it for you!

(Readymade or custom made)


10 years of designing and production. I’ve delivered tens of unique (custom made & on the shelf) stages & props to conform perfectly to my customer’s needs.


I’m a puppeteer, performing our own puppet shows. I implement my puppetry experience and knowledge in designing your stage. I add to your specification my experience, professionality, special materials & unique techniques.

Special Materials

Strong & lightweight ABS colorful pipes, PVC fittings (8 shapes & other connectors) , flexible PP pipes , high quality velvet (for the curtains) and microfiber fabrics ( for detachable decoration objects), Worbla thermoplastic sheets- for fast creation of strong and accurate 3D puppets, props , walls etc.(I’m the agent of Worbla in Israel), wheels, magnets and accessories. .All materials are imported by myself and manufactured according to my specs.

Unique Technologies

have been developed by me, using the above special materials, professionality & experience


Each stage is unique!

Affordable Solutions

My prices are reasonable & competitive. My products are used by hundreds of satisfied Puppeteers, Entertainers, Children Artists, Teachers, Students as well as Established Theaters. The affordable prices enable organizations to equip their classes with my Theater Workstations. For bigger orders, Wholesalers are welcomed.

One Stop Shop

Stages with its decorations, props and puppets.

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